COSHH management system

5 reasons why you need to take COSHH seriously…

Best practice COSHH management:

  • Prevents ill health and potential fatalities and protects the well-being of your employees
  • Helps ensure your business conforms with its legal requirements and helps avoid enforcement action including claims and prosecution
  • Often results in improved productivity as less work days are lost as a result of sicknessSaves your company time and money – learning the best way to use chemicals and other hazardous matters will enable staff to be more efficient and avoid excessive use of these substances
  • Allows easy access to information, helping you to maintain an audit trail of your documents and to keep on top of updates and changes, ensuring that your assessments remain legally compliant


Choose our Sypol COSHH Management System for

  • instant access to a library of over 500,000 substances and work practices which can be used as the building blocks for your own bespoke COSHH assessments (don’t worry if your work practice isn’t available, our qualified team will write a new one for you)
  • an online management system allowing for a robust audit trail of quality audits to demonstrate compliance
  • access to a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) repository and PPE database
  • access to supplier details, making it easy to obtain the correct PPE for the job
  • simple pictograms which communicate the control measures needed to protect your staff – future proofed against REACH, EHS and CLP

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