ISO9001 Meeting

Striving for and working towards ISO 9001 Certification is incredibly beneficial for any business. ISO 9001 deals not only with the fundamental aspects of a quality management system; it helps a business meet both industry and customer requirements and legislation. We’ve got our heads together here at Alcumus to give you our top five reasons and groups of people who will thank you when you introduce ISO 9001.

Your customers will thank you for it

A key element of ISO 9001 is recording and improving customer satisfaction. Customer feedback is first gained and then analysed, often by all departments of a business. The ISO 9001 standard works towards a ‘delivered right first time’ basis also known as (DRFT) which is particularly important when supplying goods or services in the public sector.

ISO 9001 also sends an important message to your customers.  If your business has invested in third party auditing and certification, it’s more than likely you are worth doing business with. Over time, the amount of positive feedback gained will consistently grow.

Your marketing team will thank you for it

Marketing teams are always looking for really great, strong messages to shout about. It doesn’t get much stronger than a new certification which proves your businesses competence and position at the top of your industry. (Just mention it to them if you don’t believe us)

Your sales team will thank you for it

ISO 9001 is increasingly important to both government and private sector organisations looking for suppliers, not only will ISO 9001 open up new business opportunities and tenders, ISO 9001 certification is also a great thing to have in your sales team armoury when they are talking to potential clients.

Your Company morale and HR department will thank you for it

Businesses which are in the process of implementing an ISO 9001 quality management system benefit from empowered employees, who will benefit from receiving quality objectives and new concise job descriptions, working towards and achieving ISO 9001 is something everybody can be proud of. Data such as this can be captured in employee surveys.

Your profit margins and the board of directors will thank you for it

With lean processes in place, new contracts coming in through the door and an improvement in efficiency, your business will enjoy more money in and less money out. Reductions in expenditure will also be enjoyed through lower insurance premiums.

What are you waiting for? View our ISO 9001:2015 courses, ISO starter packs or receive an ISO 9001 quotation from our team.

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