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Compliance IE Laptop with screenshotLegislation, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), ISO compliance and a greater emphasis on managing risk has all placed mounting pressure and heavier workloads on business organisations across every market sector.

Despite the increased workloads, many operations still use spreadsheets and/or paper-intensive processes, spending countless hours logging data, preparing work papers and reports.

Our Info Exchange software enables you to create the data management processes, check-lists, audits and reports needed to support your business compliance software requirements.

What can be managed with Info Exchange?

The following processes can be managed:

  • Create ‘on-line’ forms and templates to match your needs
  • Off line data capture if required with simple import facilities
  • Manage and ‘close-out’ corrective actions and non-compliances
  • Create background calc’s/formula and logic links
  • Instant ‘performance scores’ and reports
  • Instant mining of the data with CSV download if required
  • Manage user access to enable data capture from many site locations
  • Build a comprehensive, accessible knowledge database

Show us your existing Excel, Access or paper based systems and we will work with you to deliver an efficient, user-friendly and accessible set of processes.

Take a look at our Capita Symonds case study to see how they utilise Info Exhange.