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We manage the workload – saving you hours of resource.
We keep your business operational – we can turn around emergency assessments in a few hours.
We have the competence – COSHH requires specialist expertise that customers usually can’t afford.
We help to protect your employees – rapid access to suitable & sufficient assessments every time.
We keep you up to date – most customers don’t have the time to track legislation. We do.



Key areas of COSHH compliance achieved:

 2002 COSHH Regulations (as amended)
The Sypol CMS COSHH Risk Assessment complies with COSHH Regulations 6
Step by step consideration of the Hierarchy of Control
Workplace Monitoring: Air (COSHH Reg. 10), LEV (COSHH Reg. 9) & Health Surveillance (COSHH Reg. 11) testing indicating where Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs) apply
CLP: Classification, Labelling and Packing Regulations 2008 (as amended)
REACH: Identifying where it applies to controlled and regulated substances