Environmental responsibilities and accountability are being taken increasingly seriously by companies in industries across the UK. Control Valve Solutions, an Aberdeen based company that supplies, services and repairs valves primarily for the oil and gas industry, has proven its commitment to these issues by certifying to the internationally recognised ISO 14001 standard.

The young company, established in March 2009, has continually strived for excellence since its inception, and has already successfully achieved ISO 9001, the quality management standard and more recently ISO 14001, the environmental management standard.Control valve solutions worker

Control Valve Solutions wanted its business operations to be to the highest possible standards, to ensure their own principles were being met and to help them stand alongside the top companies in the UK. Key objectives from certification were:

  • To ensure robust and extensive environmental processes
  • To meet requirements of many large players within their industry
  • To demonstrate their commitment to environmental issues, in particular integrating the new Waste (Scotland) Regulations for 2012 and improving policies on the separation and collection of waste in order to reduce waste to landfill

Why certify to ISO 14001?

John Beavers, Safety, Health & Environmental Manager comments “We wanted to make our business a more environmentally friendly, cleaner and safer place to work. The main benefit was to see the company operating in a fully professional and transparent manner, with our employees knowing they work for a company who care about their safety and welfare, and truly care about the environment”.

“The very nature of our business is to deliver valves and associated equipment within very tight deadlines, and we wanted to embrace a system that did not compromise our level of service but did demonstrate our duty of care”.


Back in 2009 when Control Valve Solutions started thinking about certification they employed an independent consultant who suggested ISOQAR. Having investigated their options they decided to proceed, citing the good fit and understanding of ISOQAR with their business. They achieved certification to ISO 9001 in April 2010 and then in June 2011 started the ISO 14001 process, gaining certification in September 2012, just 58 days after moving to their new flagship site.

Mick Beavers, Managing Director comments: “After looking into our options we decided ISOQAR were right for us. Having spoken to contacts in our industry we knew they had a good reputation and we were very pleased with our decision to work with them”.

“It was important for us to certify with a UKAS accredited certification body – we wanted the knowledge and assurance that our chosen certifier was itself achieving the high standards that we were aspiring to. Certification is something that our customers are increasingly requiring, and being certified with ISOQAR absolutely meets their requirements”.

How did they implement their environmental management system?

“Full training was given to all staff to ensure there was a complete understanding of how the environmental management system had been integrated into our own system ‘CVS Manager’. We provided a combination of presentations and literature specially prepared for each individual, according to their specific needs. Any training needs are addressed during an annual performance review”.

Nikki Samme, Group Head of Marketing for Alcumus, commented: “One of the many benefits of ISO 14001 certification is the management and reduction of costs through control of waste. A key factor in Control Valve Solutions’ commitment is to uphold their core value proposition: to supply services to the highest standard of quality whilst keeping costs low”.

By implementing ISO 14001, Control Valve Solutions has a framework that allows it to consistently control its significant impact on the environment, ensure compliance with environmental legislation and continually improve its business operations, as well as show its commitment to corporate responsibility.

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