Alcumus Info Exchange provides backbone for Intu to deliver robust health & safety management strategy across its portfolio of shopping centres.


Intu is the UK’s leading shopping centre business attracting over 400 million customers a year. With a network of Intu shopping centrefifteen intu centres the company is passionate about providing people with their perfect shopping experience. Intu does this by providing enticing places to meet, eat, drink and socialise, as well as offering easy access to the UK’s top retailers and popular global brands. With so many people going in and out of the shopping centres on a daily basis and moving around the same place at the same time, trips, slips and falls are inevitable. Managing health & safety, both within a single site and across the whole portfolio, is undoubtedly a challenging task. However in 2008 the company decided to deploy Alcumus’ Info Exchange software to help address this fundamental concern.

Drivers for improved health & safety information management

Alcumus Info Exchange is a powerful information management system which can help an organisation manage its risk and compliance across multi-sited operations. The web-based platform serves far beyond a simple reporting mechanism giving intu total visibility over health & safety incidents across its wider network. Intu has always been focused on assuring the health & safety of the people that pass through its doors. Prior to using Alcumus Info Exchange the company employed the services of a health & safety consultancy which provided telephone support. As the company flourished it quickly became apparent that this call-centre facility would not meet the growing needs of the business due to the sheer volume of people visiting the shopping malls. Six years down the line intu is now confident that it has a much better grasp over its management of health & safety incidents and is better placed to deliver its legal compliance obligations, and effectively manage actions and records via this robust web-based management system. Brian Boundy, Managing Director for intu Retail Services said: “As the business began to rapidly grow, we knew we needed a system which would allow us quickly identify health & safety trends across sites and prioritise both remedial and proactive strategies to minimise potential health & safety risks to customers and employees. “What really struck us with the Alcumus Info Exchange system, was how far we were able to tailor and configure the software to meet the specific needs of the intu operation. Our Info Exchange is wrapped around our own processes and key risk areas – it is even tailored to our business in terms of branding, terminology and business structure.”

Benefits of implementing Alcumus Info Exchange

Brian continued: “Having a web-based management system at the heart of our business means we can work far more efficiently and effectively. Info Exchange gives people a way to log any incident or near miss in a consistent way and will automatically generate workflow-based actions to help us address issues more quickly. Previously all our reports and information were on paper in folders and held within disparate parts of our business. “We had all the information but it was tedious and hard to find and could not easily be linked together to give us the bigger picture of what was actually going on. Now information can be easily found as soon as we want it and other offices across the country can access the same information immediately over the internet which wasn’t the case before.” Brian also believes the system has had a positive impact on the intu staff. He said: “Our staff are definitely in favour of Info Exchange. Like anything new at the start everyone had to get used to different processes however in-house training was provided to help this. Info Exchange has undoubtedly made their job easier as they are no longer wasting time searching for information – now they know exactly where and how to find it.” Following the introduction of Info Exchange intu has actually seen an increase in the number of overall reported incidents across its network of shopping malls. This Brian strongly believes is not due to an increase in the actual number of accidents across the shopping centres but can be attributed purely down to the ease of use and accessibility of the system meaning staff are more proactive in logging incidents on a system they find easy and helpful to use. This view is supported by a significant reduction in RIDDOR accidents across the business.

Looking forwards

Intu continues to work in close partnership with Alcumus and will continue to deliver best practice health & safety management across its portfolio of shopping centres using a variety of Info Exchange applications. Intu is currently in discussion with Alcumus about potentially integrating Alcumus’ Sypol CMS COSHH management system into their current health & safety strategy.

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