Alcumus’ Sypol CMS COSHH management system helps Subsea 7 ensure the safety of its extensive workforce.


Subsea 7 is one of the world’s leading global contractors for seabed-to-surface engineering and the provision of Subsea 7 image construction and other services to the offshore industry. With a proven track record over more than 35 years of successful project execution, Subsea 7 remains  is a major force within its market, enabling the delivery of complex projects in all water depths and across challenging environments. Having been awarded several multi-million contracts to undertake work in the offshore industry of late, including a £270 million contract to build a 37-mile pipeline and associated facilities in Aberdeen, the company prides itself on its robust health & safety management strategy and best practice approach to managing workplace risks.

Drivers for a COSHH management system

Subsea 7 employs more than 14 thousand people. The company openly claims that it is committed to an incident-free workplace and that it continues to minimise the impact of its activities on the environment. This statement is reaffirmed by Subsea 7’s long standing relationship with Alcumus and its on-going employment of the Sypol CMS COSHH risk management system since 1998. The COSHH (Control of Substances of Hazardous to Health) Regulations require employers to protect workers from exposure to harmful substances in the workplace. Alcumus’ Sypol CMS helps support companies with their management of COSHH via task-based risk assessment software and a help desk of occupational hygienists and health & safety consultants. Elaine Rust is the Group HSE Systems Manager for Subsea 7 and an avid supporter of Sypol CMS. She said: “I’ve worked with and experienced a lot of management systems in the past but Alcumus’ is hands down the best I’ve seen. The combination of 24/7 support offered by the consultants along with a simple and effective online management system is second to none. “Alcumus has a history of working with companies like us who operate within the offshore sector – they know that our business doesn’t switch off just because it’s the weekend, and they are there whatever we need, whether it is an update to an existing assessment, a brand new requirement or simply some sound advice.”

Benefits of implementing Sypol CMS

One of the biggest benefits of Sypol CMS is the capability of the system to provide a robust and trackable trail of quality audits to demonstrate compliance with COSHH regulations. And Elaine believes it is the online system which has made the biggest difference to Subsea 7. She said: “Sypol CMS has enabled us to take a more unified approach to managing risk within our business. Using the online management system we can now capture all the information and put it in one place which means it can be shared with everyone, including offshore staff. We now have the ability to find the information we are looking in a matter of minutes and everyone can do that. “At one quick glance we can see if the risk assessments in each department are up-to-date and compliant. If for any reason they aren’t then they are easily identified and can be rectified with the help and support of the Alcumus team. The main benefit of the online system is that it has given us is a consistent approach and method throughout the company to manage risks which everyone is onboard with.” Elaine also sees an improvement in the day-to-day operational processes thanks to Sypol CMS. She said: “It has certainly made my job a lot easier and it saves me so much time. In the past we used spreadsheets and individual solutions which were time-consuming. With everything being online and in one place now, the admin work has definitely reduced which can only be a good thing. “It always takes a bit of time for the staff to get familiar with a new way of working because people don’t like change. But everyone at Subsea 7 is happy to be working with Sypol CMS because it works. I’ve seen it and I am impressed with it because I know what I’m seeing is good and effective.”

Looking forwards

As well as employing the Sypol CMS system the Subsea 7 team has embarked on various different levels of COSHH management training with Alcumus. Whilst the company has no immediate plans to expand its current COSHH management services, Subsea 7 is exceptionally happy with the system provided by Alcumus and believes that Sypol CMS is an essential tool for ensuring the long term health & safety of the people within the organisation.

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