Research published by Citizens Advice states that disabled people or those with a health condition are more than twice as likely to fall out of work in any given year compared with people who are not disabled or do not have health problems. Plus they are also three times less likely to move into employment.

Citizens Advice is calling for improved support from employers for disabled people and those with long term health conditions to stay in work or get a job. For the government to help people achieve job security it must ensure better support for those who are disabled or have a long term health condition to stay in work or get a job.

In particular, the welfare system and employers need to better recognise the needs of people with fluctuating conditions or conditions that may be hidden, such as arthritis or depression.

As the population ages and more people stay in work longer Citizens Advice says it is more important than ever that employers and government do more to address the challenges they face. One in 4 people aged 50-64 are disabled or have a health condition and 500,000 people in this group don’t have a job but want to work.