Introducing Info Exchange

Info Exchange is an information management software solution that can be completely tailored to your requirements.  Adaptable to your needs, Info Exchange is a comprehensive tool designed to help you manage all your data driven compliance activities simply, effectively and accurately.

Common compliance processes that Info Exchange manages on behalf of our clients include Property Compliance, Health and Safety and Environment, Lease Management and Fleet and Asset Management.

We can help you manage your compliance needs, however complex they might be.

Property4 Health, Safety & Environment Fleet & Asset Management Loss prevention

Additionally we can also manage:

  • Waste management
  • HR contracts and employee records
  • Contractor records management
  • Compliance audits and inspections

How does John use Info Exchange?

Info Exchange video

With the ability to be completely tailored, the Info Exchange platform can be incorporated into your business quickly and seamlessly. Info Exchange can be branded with your company colours and logos and all fields and tabs are customisable which means we can use your language and terminology throughout, letting you capture and report on the pertinent information for your business.

Info Exchange allows you to deal with all of your compliance areas in one place, the web based system is accessible 24 hours a day and log-in controls mean you can give relevant access to staff, contractors or even your clients, in order for them to update particular information in a consistent and reliable format.

Info Exchange can manage both your own compliance processes, and also those of your partners and clients.  Our Capita Symonds case study details how we can work with clients to manage not only their own compliance needs, but also those of their clients or partners.