Construction accidents fall in last three months

According to figures from the Building Safety Group, the number of accidents in the construction sector has declined by 17 per cent in the last three months, with the total number of accidents now just 0.85 per cent of the construction workforce, down from over 1 per cent.

The Building Safety Group said that the biggest drops have been in workers being hit by something fixed or stationary where the number of accidents more than halved from 31 to 14 quarter on quarter.

The figures show that there was also a 25 per cent fall in injuries sustained by moving, flying or falling objects, down from 41 to 31 injuries. This was the highest cause of accidents across the year with 128 people being injured this way.

Although there was a 20 per cent drop in the number of people injured while handling, lifting or carrying (with 35 people out of 20,000 being injured this way in the last three months and 81 across the year), this was still the highest cause of injury.

The Building Safety Group has put the drop in accidents down to an increased focus during thematic site inspections. There was a rise in accidents year on year from falls from height and those listed as ‘dangerous occurrence’, both of which will be the target of thematic inspections in the future.