Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)

Further developments with the CRB have been confirmed in that it is to be re-branded and this will take effect from the 1st December 2012.

Like many changes to government bodies, it may take a while for the new name to take firm root, for example many people still reference the Department for Welfare and Pensions as the DSS! Whilst this may not be a huge change, it is worthy of note for our clients who do have regular dealings with the CRB.

If you have CRB references in your employee handbook and would like it updating to reflect the new name then please contact your dedicated HR Consultant who will arrange for this to be updated accordingly.

Further information on the re-branding is available on the Home Office website.


Criminal Records Bureau new process

Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checks have been a legislative requirement for some time now and employers have an obligation to carry out these checks on any worker who may be working with vulnerable adults or children. Such checks can also be carried out for people working in the finance and gaming industry.

It may not always be obvious that a worker should have a check carried out, and if there is ever any doubt regarding this, then the CRB can be contacted to check this.  For example, if you employ a Gardener and their role involves going into school grounds, whilst they are not working direct with children, they are still required to have a CRB check carried out to verify that they are safe to work in the vicinity.  Contract painter/decorators working in a nursing home is another example of when a CRB check is needed.

The current process for obtaining a CRB check is that the employer must apply for, or the new employee supplies a CRB check each time he or she starts a new job.  Until the CRB check is received the employee must not work unsupervised, which can be frustrating and an added expense to the employer whilst waiting for the official paperwork.

As part of the Employment Law Reforms introduced by the Government, the CRB check process has been reviewed and updated.  The new process is on schedule for being implemented in Spring 2013 and this will mean that once a worker has applied for a CRB check and it has been issued, the information will then be held online.

A worker will still be asked to produce their original CRB check, but as opposed to having to apply each time they start a new job, the applicant/worker will be able to access their details online which will advise if there have been any changes made to the CRB check since its date of issue.

This should speed up the process significantly for the correct paperwork being obtained and allowing the employee start their new job in it’s entirety.

Further information on CRB checks is available on the Home Office website.