Compliance HR

DAYS Labels manufacture and supply a broad range of label options and operate from 3 manufacturing sites, all centrally located supplying across the UK. Wishing to have the support they required with regard to health and safety and wanting to ensure that they were compliant with currently legislation and managing the risk from costly claims, they turned to Alcumus for help.

Whilst they did not have any concerns with staff, DAYS Labels also recognised the importance of having access to consultants that can ensure appropriate HR procedures are followed, and to ensure the contract and employee handbook is reviewed and updated with changes in legislation.

DAYS Labels subscribe to the Alcumus HR/HS Goldguard service to assist them with all of the above and provide them with the peace of mind that they were doing things correctly. With no competent person on site and concerns that if an accident occurred they would not have the knowledge to deal with it, using HR/HS Guard gives them the confidence that they will receive the appropriate advice as and when they need it. Having worked with Alcumus in the past and previously experienced excellent support and service, we were a trusted solution for them.