Data management

As organisations become increasingly data-centric the challenges associated with collecting and analysing that information grow. The problem has shifted from collecting data to effectively managing and interrogating such information – gone are the days of not having enough data, today the focus is on what to do with it. Increased volume and diversity of information coupled with ever-changing processes mean that technology is the only effective enabler to capture and analyse this information. Technology is therefore a critical conduit in helping businesses to make more informed decisions and become more lean, proficient and agile .

Information management software – Info Exchange is a scalable SaaS based solution that replaces and consolidates data from multiple sources, enabling streamlined and standardised collection, analysis and reporting. Tailored to the unique processes and objectives of your business, its sophisticated workflows and strong permission-based controls transform it from merely replacing database driven platforms to an all encompassing data and process management tool – regardless of whether it is used to support a single compliance process such as incident reporting or a a more sophisticated system to manage numerous property compliance aspects across many sites.

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Information security management

Data breaches are constantly making the headlines and have the potential to cause significant reputational harm and expense to an organisation.

UKAS accredited certification to the information security management system standard, ISO 27001 –  implementing  ISO 27001 is one way to ensure that access to data is appropriately authorised and protected. An information security management system will help ensure the integrity and security of your corporate information and will provide a robust platform for best practice management.

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