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The UK Government established and introduced the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) in order to implement Article 8 (4-6) of the EU Energy Directive 2012/27/EU. ESOS is a mandatory assessment and energy savings identification scheme aimed at organisations in the UK.

What organisations affected by the ESOS scheme?

You will need to participate in the scheme if your business employees more than 250 members of staff, you have a turnover of exceeding €50 million, a balance sheet exceeding €43 million or are part of a corporate group containing a large enterprise. Most public sector bodies will be excluded, but some including Universities may qualify.

What is clear is that thousands of UK organisations will be affected.

What does ESOS involve?

As part of the scheme, all organisations included must undertake an energy audit, usually a company will use an approved assessor and audits will be carried out once every four years.

When is the first ESOS compliance deadline?

Under the ESOS scheme your organisation will be required to determine the total energy use from its business operations (including building energy use, transport energy use and industrial processes). You will also be required to calculate the amount of energy used per employee and identify potential measures that could save energy. These initial audits will need to be undertaken by 05 December 2015.

What does the Audit involve?

The audit will include an estimate of total energy consumption, covering all aspects of an organisation. Areas targeted must cover 90% of energy consumption; these areas usually include buildings, processes and transport.

Having established areas of energy consumption, the next step is to recommend areas in which energy efficiency can be improved. The report must then be signed off by someone at director level, before being issued to the Environment Agency.

What if your company doesn’t comply?

Under the ESOS scheme, compliance bodies whilst not empowered to mandate any changes necessary do have the power to apply civil penalties and fines. They will also have the right to publish information regarding non-compliant companies, including the name of the company and the penalty amount.

Who are the UK compliance bodies?

England: The Environment Agency

Northern Ireland: The Northern Ireland Environment Agency

Wales: The Natural resources Wales

Scotland: Scottish Protection Environment Agency

What about ISO 50001?

Organisations can comply with the scheme without an assessment. Implementation and operating an externally certified ISO 50001 energy management system is the only route in which ESOS compliance can be gained without the needed for Assessments.

How can Alcumus help?

Alcumus understands that the above information and requirements can seem daunting, it is often a struggle to have to take time out to deal with albeit expected changes. There are a number of ways we can get you started on your route to ISO 50001 certification and help you meet the requirements of the ESOS scheme.

5 steps to ISO 50001 certification:

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