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Alcumus prides itself on continuously striving to offer the best to our clients, and to ensure we do just that, we have developed our online HRHSGuard platform – and we can’t wait to share this with you.  We have taken note of the feedback both from our clients and our consultants and have now finalised version 2 of our HRHSGuard online system.

How is the new online system better?

This latest system continues to have a comprehensive employee record area and a visual log of all your HR and Health & Safety guidance, allowing you to review any previous advice given, an area for a prioritised Health & Safety report and the facility for you to upload your own documents as well as continuing to have access to our wealth of ‘template’ documents.  We wanted to make this system more user friendly and so, very significantly for our Health & Safety service, we have removed the need for a second login when accessing your documentation.

Along with all the features above, this newest version of HRHSGuard provides the ability to have confidential advice which can only be seen by those whom you decide have appropriate level of authority to see it; link advice logs to employees and to ability to monitor many significant Health & Safety areas from fire drills to asbestos.

We know how important it is for many clients to obtain reports/data and we have therefore created more facilities to enable you to obtain graphical data. This means you can create reports from a simple employee list, to holiday records and it even enables you to monitor urgent Health & Safety actions.

However, what we are really excited about sharing with you is the ability for our customers to create bespoke searches across any number of related sections.  The new platform offers a much smoother user experience both when adding records and more importantly searching the data once it is all entered.  This will allow you to narrow your search more specifically and find any number of combinations of data, e.g. monitoring employee absence levels, numbers of staff in each department, overdue Health & Safety actions, etc.  The system will also allow an individual user to save their searches once created making the reporting process much simpler, quicker and concise.

How will we migrate existing clients?

Some of you are already on our current version of HRHSGuard.  In order for us to accurately and efficiently migrate all of your data from your current online facility with us we regret that it will be necessary to set your current facility into ‘Read Only’ mode for around two weeks starting from Monday 2nd March.  During this period however you can continue to view, search and report on your data although you will temporarily be unable to amend or add any new data.  However, as always if you have any queries or need help with your facility, the Business Support team and Consultants will be more than happy to help.

For those of you using our Essentials system for one or both HR and Health & Safety, we are planning to migrate you over to our new HRHSGuard system in the next couple of months.  You will be sent an email when this is happening with the option to choose who within your company you would like to have access and which levels of access.

Go Live

Once we have migrated all of your data we will then send you a further email at our ‘Go Live’ date of Monday 16th March with your new login details which will include a new link and a help document.  We do not anticipate that specific training will be necessary as the new options/tools are relatively straightforward but rest assured that Business Support will be there ‘on hand’ to help guide you with any queries.

We are confident that this next version of the HRHSGuard system meets more of what our clients asked for and takes us further in helping you to track and monitor compliance.  We hope you will enjoy the new features.

If you have any questions at all either now, during the ‘Read Only’ period or after our ‘Go Live’ date of Monday 2nd March please contact us on 0113 3570580 or email us on


Judith Hall

Business Support Manager