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Online health & safety training – or ‘eLearning’ as it has become known – is changing the learning landscape.

Perceived as costly with the potential disruption to daily operational activity, training an entire workforce in the past has often been considered a luxury, especially for the smaller business.

The adoption of online training technologies has however heralded a new era of learning. Equipping staff with knowledge and essential skills is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘need to have’ – especially when it comes to health & safety.

The importance of training your entire workforce in the basics of health & safety

Health and safety training for all employees is the responsibility of the employer, the law requires it. Following the introduction of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 organisations are required to demonstrate on an on-going basis that they have appropriate measures in place to mitigate workplace risk.

Health & safety training may well be a useful tool to help businesses stay on the right side of the law, however the core purpose of training should be to protect workers from injury and provide a safe and risk free working environment. Organisations which undertake such training should also reap tangible commercial benefits in terms of improved productivity if the risk of injury and sickness among the workforce is reduced. This is particularly important for the smaller organisation where having one key worker off sick in some cases can bring operations to a complete halt.

In summary, health & safety training:

  • Provides workers with a comprehensive awareness of the risks and hazards within their working environment
  • Provides for a safer working environment and therefore reduces the risk of disruption to production through injury and work related sickness
  • Reduces disruptions to production which can cause delays to deadlines and affect customer satisfaction and possible further business
  • Reduces the risk of compensation claims for personal injury or sickness due to negligence
  • Can help reduce sickness payments

Why you should consider health & safety eLearning

The demand for accessible and affordable training is growing, hence the evolution of online learning solutions.  In the case of small and medium companies this web-based training medium ticks many boxes and removes traditional objections to off-site training. Online learning scores in a number of areas – for example:

  • It offers flexibility and can be carried out at the place of work in downtime periods or other designated times
  • It can be done at home at a time to suit the individual
  • It is user friendly with the student learning at his or her own pace
  • It does not involve transport and travel time costs

Many employees feel more comfortable with eLearning

Learning at one’s own pace has many advantages and means that the student can take as much time as they need to digest and learn information. Often in the classroom environment, words or meanings are unclear by the time you have pondered the point and things have moved on and you have been left behind. Many people do not feel comfortable asking questions in front of an audience, and take the option of saying nothing. Learning becomes difficult and confidence suffers in such circumstances.

Health & Safety training at work – eLearning it all

Health & safety in the workplace is a very broad subject; with tailored training packages available to suit the demands of all industries and any individual company.

The new Alcumus eLearning portfolio consolidates over 75 RoSPA accredited health & safety, compliance and soft skills courses into an off the shelf package aimed at SMEs. It includes popular topics such as accident investigation and reporting, fire safety, working at height, manual handling, stress awareness and talent management.  In addition, the new eLearning capability has a separate enterprise platform for large and geographically spread businesses with additional functionality around tailoring training modules and branding to client

eLearning promotes continuous improvement

A prominent Japanese industrialist was once asked ‘to what do you attribute your industry’s enviable record of man hours/production lost through injury’ – his reply was ‘we train all of our employees in health and safety – and then we train them again, then after that we train them again’

As an employer, the health & safety of your workforce is of the utmost importance and training people in the basics of health & safety should be an essential part of this strategy. The world of health & safety continues to change, however at the same time people are readily changing their learning habits and are using technology-based training options. The introduction of new eLearning solutions means that employees can be given easy access to up-to-date and practical information to ensure that they are operating in accordance with the law and to best practice.

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