Health and safety compliance still seen as a burden

Results from a recent survey have suggested that UK businesses still feel that health and safety compliance is a burden, compared to other areas of business law.

The National Audit Office questioned over two-thousand UK businesses and found that those who saw the level of business regulation as an obstacle to their success fell from sixty-two percent in 2009 to fifty-five percent in 2012.

However, over a third of those who participated within the survey claimed that complying with regulations had become more time consuming, with nearly three quarters saying the length of time it takes to comply with health and safety law was a significant burden.

The results from the survey went on to find that thirty-one percent of HSE-regulated businesses agreed that most regulation was fair and proportionate – much lower than the average of forty-one per cent across all regulations – while forty-six percent of local authority-enforced businesses also concurred with this statement.

When questioned on health and safety aspects, many of the businesses who took part in the survey said that it was not easy for them to find information on which health and safety regulations applied to their operations; and that the also had difficulty finding guidance explaining what must be done to comply with certain regulations.