business people at a desk

The workplace is a different place to what it was a few decades ago. Advances in technology and the rise of social media have resulted in workers being able to promote themselves and take ownership of their careers in ways which was previously impossible. As a result anyone looking to advance their career is now looking at a new set of rules.

Below are some tips to help encourage your staff to perform to the best of their ability and enhance their future career opportunities:

A job description is just a scratch on the surface of what you should be doing. If you want to succeed in today’s tough workplace you need to go out of your way to make a name for yourself. Encourage your employees to do more than what they were hired to do; look out for new projects, and do as much training and development as they can.

2.       Permanent doesn’t mean forever

In previous generations it was quite common for employees to work for one company from their first job up until retirement. This is no longer the case. Companies are ever changing; acquiring or being acquired, merging with other companies, or even crumbling. The team someone works in may no longer be required, a position may be eliminated or your recruit could simply lose interest in the job or company altogether. Encourage staff to keep an open mind.

3.       Transferable skills

Companies are now looking to employ people with sound soft (interpersonal) skills as well as hard (technical) skills. Hard skills can be fairly easy to learn but these will only get people so far. Encourage your employees to develop leadership, organisational, teamwork, listening and coaching skills.

4.       Reputation

What really matters nowadays is what an employee is known for and his/her reputation. A proven track record, demonstration that your employee is trusted and a robust network of contacts will all help build a good reputation and allow opportunities to follow.

5.       Nothing is private

With the rise of social media has come the decline of private lives being private. One hasty tweet on Facebook can tarnish a clean-cut reputation and ruin a career forever. Online presence is much more powerful than many people think. Remind your staff that many prospective employers check social media before and after hiring a new employee.

6.       Multi-generational

Workplaces are usually made up of a mixture of generations. Each generation was raised in a different period of time, with different views and different ways of communicating. By learning how to manage relationships with each generation, an employee is more likely to be successful.

7.       Endeavour to keep management happy

Encourage your team to work towards shared objectives and goals. Making management’s life easier and earning their trust will undoubtedly help an employee climbs his/her own career ladder.

8.       Stay connected

Our economy has moved from being information driven to much more social. It’s quite easy to find out pretty much anything with a simple Google search. Knowing the right people and keeping up to date with industry and market trends will help enrich an employee both personally and professionally.

9.   It only takes one

It only takes one “yes” to change your life. When people seem to be saying “no” all around you, it’s important to remember that it’ll be the one person who says “yes” which matters.

10.   Put yourself first

Encourage staff to be accountable for their career. While it is important to serve the needs of the company, employees also need to ensure they are getting something out of the relationship as well. Encourage your people to continue to learn and grow or encourage them to consider moving on to a new challenge.