If you’ve worked with us for a while then you’ll know that we like to encourage Alcumus ISOQAR Associate Network members who work closely with us and continue to bring in opportunities for our business. Our new IAN Diamond Member Scheme recognises these endeavours.


Earning your Diamond status

To earn and retain your Diamond Member status your consultancy will be required to meet at least one of the following criteria during the qualification period:

    • Recommend a minimum of 3 clients resulting in certification sales for Alcumus ISOQAR
    • Deliver £5K worth of business to Alcumus ISOQAR during the defined period
    • Have worked in partnership with Alcumus ISOQAR for more than 15 years
    • Continue to bring 3 clients or £5K per year minimum to maintain Diamond status


Diamond Member privileges

Diamond members will benefit from the following:ISOQAR Diamond Member

    • Use of exclusive IAN Diamond Member logo
    • Supply of “Diamond Member” leaflets to share with clients
    • Congratulatory certificate and lapel badge
    • Congratulatory news article added to Alcumus website upon achieving status
    • Inclusion in the Diamond Member list which will be visible on this website


 Diamond only offers

    • Discount on any management system training course (20% for you & 15% for your clients off list price of training)
    • First refusal for last minute course offers
    • Invitation to Alcumus CEO’s dinner 
    • Speaker from Alcumus Senior Management team to attend your event or your clients’ certificate presentation on request


For further information on our Diamond Member Scheme or our Alcumus ISOQAR Associate Network (IAN) please call 0161 865 3699 or email info@alcumusgroup.com

Important note:
Inclusion in the Diamond Member Scheme does not suggest or imply that Alcumus ISOQAR recommends any Diamond Member Scheme consultant over any other consultant.