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See below the current position in the development of ISO 45001 as of June 2016

  • ISO Project Committee (PC) 283 is responsible for the development of ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety management systems – Requirements with guidance for use
  • The committee met in Toronto in June 2016 to review the outcome of a ballot on ISO DIS 45001 amongst its membership from 65 participating countries and determine the next steps



The following is a summary of the significant questions and outputs from the meeting:

Why is ISO 45001 being developed?

  • To help organizations minimise the risk of harm to all those working on its behalf (defined as workers)
  • To provide a platform for continual improvement on occupational health and safety performance
  • To integrate Occupational Health and Safety within an organization’s overall business management systems and processes

What was the result of the ballot?

  • The ballot closed on 12 May 2016
  • 71% voted in favour but this was insufficient to proceed to Final Draft (FDIS)
  • There were almost 3000 comments

What were the key issues and comments?

  • A number of Terms and Definitions, e.g. worker, were discussed
  • The need to avoid the inclusion of requirements within notes
  • There were questions about the alignment with ISO14001 and deviation from Annex SL
  • The content of clause 5.4 (Participation and Consultation), structure of Clause 6 (Planning) and content of clause 7.3 (Awareness) were discussed

What options were considered?

  • Prepare a second DIS (DIS 2)
  • Publish the Draft as a Technical Specification (TS) (not agreed)
  • Revert to Committee Draft stage (not considered a viable option)

What next steps were agreed?

  • Establish a Task Group to review comments, make recommendations and provide draft
  • PC283 and Working Group meet in October 2016 to produce text for DIS 2 (addressing the comments and issues raised)
  • Apply to ISO for an extension of 9 months for completion of project

What are the possible timelines to publication?

  • DIS 2 to be prepared by November 2016, translated by January 2017
  • DIS 2 ballot February/March 2017
  • Next PC 283 meeting May 2017
  • Publication of FDIS November 2017