Manrochem Ltd

“We have learnt a lot during this process and I feel we have arrived at this stage a much better company. Here’s to continuing… onwards and upwards.”

Cherry Print

“We at Cherry Print have always been pleased with the service given from ISOQAR. The staff have always been happy to help with any enquires we may have had. Any information requested has been sent within a matter of days”


“I find the service you provide to be 100% satisfactory. The auditor was extremely efficient and I would recommend ISOQAR without hesitation. Thank you for a friendly and much valued service”

Cherry Print

“We at Cherry Print have always been pleased with the service given from ISOQAR. The staff have always been happy to help with any enquires we may have had. Any information requested has been sent within a matter of days”

PolyBlend UK Limited

“We are very happy with our decision to work with ISOQAR.  After thorough due diligence the decision was based on lots of reasons, including the efficiency ISOQAR responded to our request, the detail they provided in the information pack and their positive and down to earth approach and understanding of our sector.  Everyone we have dealt with has been very efficient, professional and supportive.  We have certainly been happy at every stage with ISOQAR  and look forward to a long working relationship”

Sant Tysilio

“Excellent service – prompt and courteous staff. We are happy to deal with ISOQAR”

Applied Radiators

“The service provided was very good and the auditor was helpful and understood our company”

Leedum Limited

“Very pleased with the way the auditor carried out the audit. He was very thorough and extremely helpful. What we had imagined to be a difficult and onerous process was actually informative and helpful.  We would certainly recommend ISOQAR to others”

Central Medical Supplies

“This is the second company that I have achieved ISO 9001 accreditation with ISOQAR. I have always been more than satisfied with the service provided by both your office and your auditor who have always been most helpful. Achieving ISO 9001 with you has been extremely beneficial to our business, I’m delighted that we have achieved certification, and ISOQAR’s service, knowledge and professionalism certainly contributed to our satisfaction”

Crabb Engineering Ltd

“ISOQAR was recommended by two people to Crab Engineering. We made our initial decision on this basis and were not disappointed. ISOQAR staff were always friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. We will recommend ISOQAR to others if requested and will look to them for any future certification needs”

Northpoint Limited

“We’ll continue to use ISOQAR in preference to our other certification body. We find the auditor very approachable and understanding of the industry”

Westfront Limited

“Both auditors put us immediately at ease and made the audit as painless as possible while still being thorough”

Ferndean Fabrications

“Very professional”

C Norris (Springs) Ltd

“Audit was well conducted by the auditor”

A M Graham Fabrications Ltd

“We thought the auditor was efficient, professional and knowledgeable. He represents ISOQAR in an exemplary way and promotes the professionalism of the company”

March Precision Engineering Ltd

“As the ISOQAR company logo says, approachable, yet very professional”

Sundridge Tackle Ltd

“Prompt replies to all queries. The whole service has been efficient, polite, cheerful, and professional”

Prototype Productions Ltd

“A thorough audit was done by a highly competent auditor with a clear understanding of our business. If there had been any flaws in our systems he would have found them”

Sillavan Metal Polishers Ltd

“We at Sillavan Metal Polishers Ltd found the auditor to be helpful, concise, and supportive”

Craft Data Ltd

“Good all round service”

Upton Vending Ltd

“The auditor is experienced in our industry. He is pragmatic, practical and helpful whilst being very thorough. If you employ many more like him you are blessed indeed”

Doncaster MBC Trading Standards & Licensing Service

“Our long term relationship with ISOQAR has proven to be beneficial to both parties. There is a mutual respect and understanding between us”

Tema Isenmann Ltd

“This has been our tenth audit by ISOQAR. Each audit has been a civil interactive process where the benefits of the initial ISOQAR encouragement have been proven many times. You may consider us well satisfied”

Merriott Plastics Limited

“As always, a friendly and approachable team”

Datasat Communications Ltd

“ISOQAR were very flexible in ensuring the date for our audit did not slip. Also, they made our audit as straight forward and hassle-free as possible”

Metal Interests Ltd

“The audit and auditor provided a very useful and pro-active experience. Far from being an onerous experience, it was one of great value”


“As always, we found the auditor to be most helpful and informative”

Dair Ltd

“We have been very happy with the way in which the audits have been carried out. It is important to have consistency and having the same auditor helps us to learn and grow without fear of falling into a big administrative hole. Thank you”

Centerprise International

“We found all staff at ISOQAR extremely helpful and accommodating”

Wilplan Training

“A simplistic and direct approach to auditing that was fitting to our industry”

SIS (Science in Sport) Ltd

“The audit was well managed and the speed at which the certificates were issued surprised us all”

KDSS Limited

“I am genuinely pleased with the service. I would recommend ISOQAR to anyone. Thank you for the support and professional guidance”

Bray Leino Broadskill

“As always the auditor was highly professional and constructive”

Tubedale Ltd

“The auditor is an excellent ambassador for ISOQAR. A straight talking individual who gives outstanding advice and guidance”

Jeaton Ltd

“Very experienced auditors. Very good organisation to deal with. Helpful response from office staff when seeking advice”

Neuvon Solutions Limited

“I found the whole process to be manageable and the steps easy to follow. The auditor’s experience was valued highly and his recommendations and advice were excellent”

Tekeurope UK Limited

“As always, top class and constructive auditing”

Wigan Council

“A very relaxed and even enjoyable audit”

Consolution Ltd

“Very good and very speedy response to all enquiries from start to finish”

Trent Aero Eng Ltd

“The audit was conducted in an excellent but friendly manner”

E W Cracknell & Son

“Very positive and helpful advice all through audits. Left us with good suggestions for moving forward. Good, pragmatic common-sense approach”