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ISO 14001 Demonstrate your commitment to good environment practice.

Save money and reduce your environmental impact with certification to ISO 14001. Accreditation to this standard will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the commercial performance of your organisation – and in many cases, it is an essential requirement for entering into a tender opportunity.

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for the environmental management of businesses, prescribing controls for those activities that have an effect on the environment. These include; the use of natural resources, the handling and treatment of waste, and energy consumption.

It sets out requirements for an environmental management system, enabling organisations to put in place an environmental policy and objectives that take into account relevant legal and other requirements.

While it does not specify environmental performance criteria, it does encompass the environmental issues that the organisation can control or influence.

Benefits of certification to ISO 14001…

  • Cost savings:  through improving efficiency, productivity and reducing waste. Assists legislative compliance, reducing risk, which can reduce insurance costs.
  • Control reputational risk: by demonstrating that you are committed to protecting the environment and have the appropriate control measures in place.
  • Enables management of environmental performance: by identifying and controlling environmental impact, this can be measured on an ongoing basis for further improvements.

Why seek certification to ISO 14001?

Certification to ISO 14001 demonstrates that your organisation is committed to environmental issues and is proactively working to minimise its impact on the environment, for example by producing less waste, in the way it treats and handles waste, in increasing energy efficiency and in its use of natural resources.

It also brings commercial advantages by enhancing the organisation’s public image. With many public and private sectors making ISO 14001 a requirement for those it works with, the standard will sharpen an organisation’s competitive edge when seeking public and private sector tenders or when applying for inclusion in the supply chain.

Continual improvement is built into all management systems standards, therefore ISO 14001 drives environmental improvements on an ongoing basis, leading to further cost savings and operational efficiency.

Why choose Alcumus ISOQAR as your Certification Partner

Taking the next steps….

If you’re new to certification, don’t worry – our business development team are on hand to take your calls to explain the steps to certification – we have also produced a ‘steps to certification’ document outlining the process.

Many organisations choose to work with an external consultancy to help implement ISO 14001 and carry out an internal audit, ahead of applying for certification. As a UKAS accredited certification body and in order to maintain impartiality when performing third party audits, we are unable to endorse a particular consultant.

However, you can search for a consultant based in your region here – Find a Consultant

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Get a quick quote for ISO 14001 certification
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