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What is ISO 23001?

ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System or (BCMS) is a framework and roadmap designed to help organisations understand the risks to their business, and prioritise these threats so they can be mitigated and factored into business planning.

This international standard specifies the requirements of a management system that will enable an organisation to identify, and therefore, reduce events that would disrupt their normal operation.

Events such as; fire, floods, natural disasters, thefts or criminal acts, IT disruption, staff shortages or even a terrorist attack can be identified, before beginning a recovery plan to minimise disruption in the running of your business.

By its very nature, a continuity planning and management system like ISO 22301 means that these problems can be identified before they happen. This allows you to put plans in place to ensure the smooth running of your critical business functions during a time of crisis.

Benefits of certification to ISO 22301…

  • Gives you the ability to identify and mitigate current threats and potential crisis in your business
  • Helps to minimise the loss and disruption caused by the impact of these incidents
  • Ensures the smooth running of critical business systems
  • Helps to make sure that unavoidable downtime is minimised and you can recover as quickly as possible
  • Provides confidence to customers and stakeholders that you can deliver products and services to customers despite unexpected interruptions.

Why gain certification to ISO 23001?

ISO 22301:2012 is designed to enable business continuity and contingency planning generic enough to be used by all organisations, parts within an organisation, no matter how big or small, or the nature of the business they conduct.

Being able to respond quickly and effectively to a sudden disruption to your critical business processes is the key to surviving a crisis.

Proving your readiness to react during an incident will enhance your competitiveness during a tender process. It will also give your potential customers peace of mind when preparing to do business with you.

Why choose Alcumus ISOQAR as your certification partner?


Why Choose Alcumus ISOQAR as your Certification Partner


Next Steps

If you’re new to certification don’t worry, our Technical Sales Team are on hand to explain each step to certification. Here are the 6 steps to certification with ISOQAR:

Steps to ISO certification

Need a Consultant?

Many organisations choose to work with an external consultancy to help implement ISO 22301, and carry out an internal audit ahead of applying for certification.

As a UKAS accredited certification body, and in order to maintain impartiality when performing third party audits, we are unable to endorse a particular consultant. However, you can search for a consultant based in your area through the ‘find a consultant’ link on our website or call us to for a selection of relevant consultants.

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Already certified for ISO 23001?

Did you know that if you’re not happy with your current certifier you can easily transfer your accreditation over to us?

Looking for a different standard?

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