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Thousands of Companies at Risk of Enforcement Action

The Environment Agency has recently stated that it has received 5,948 notifications of compliance and exactly 1000 notifications of intent to comply with the mandatory energy efficiency scheme (ESOS), leaving more than 3,000 organisations unaccounted for.

In the two days before the 29 January deadline, the Environment Agency received 1015 notifications of compliance – indicating another late compliance surge, but leaving thousands of companies at risk of enforcement action.

“We believe that approximately 70% of organisations that qualify for ESOS are on the road to compliance,” the spokesperson said. “It will take some time to match all of the notifications to the expected participant groups and verify whether the remaining organisations do in fact qualify.

“Our focus is on bringing organisations into compliance with ESOS and we will start contacting those organisations that have not yet complied this month. We will normally use enforcement notices to bring organisations into compliance and only issue civil penalties in the most serious cases.”

What is ESOS?

If your organisation employs more than 250 employees or delivers a turnover in excess of €50M, then you will now fall under the mandatory requirements of the new Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

Under the ESOS scheme your organisation will be required to determine the total energy use from its business operations (including building energy use, transport energy use and industrial processes). You will also be required to calculate the amount of energy used per employee and identify potential measures that could save energy.

This may seem a daunting prospect but using the Energy Management System Standard, ISO 50001, we can help you put the necessary tools in place to be able to audit your business in an efficient and cost effective way. Gaining certification to ISO 50001 is not only a trusted route to complying with the requirements of the ESOS scheme, but also provides a framework for promoting energy efficiency throughout the supply chain.

How can Alcumus ISOQAR help companies in danger of breaching this legislation?

In line with the Environment Agency Newsletter Issue 6 published in October 2015 organisations that can demonstrate that they have applied for and are in the process of achieving certification with an accredited certification body for ISO 50001- the International Energy Management Standard will be given until the 30 June to obtain certification. If you wish to apply for this route to compliance with the regulation you will need to act quickly by completing a questionnaire obtainable through our website here.

Steps to ISO 50001 certification:

  • Buy the standard online – as an official distributor of British and International Standards you can now purchase a copy of ISO 50001 via our  website
  • Review your training requirements – we offer a 1 day  foundation or 3 day IRCA auditor conversion course for ISO 50001
  • Develop and implement your management system – we can put you in touch with one of our IAN members who will help you get your business ready for audit – search by standard, geography or size of consultancy to find one that will suit your business using our online directory
  • Pre-assessment and certification assessment –  we’ll give you a no-obligation quote for a pre-assessment or formal certification audit – simply call our team on 0161 865 3699