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The SIA ACS (Security Industry Authority Approved Contractor Scheme) is the only recognised scheme to standardise organisations operating within the private security sector.

The standard was designed by members of the security industry in consultation with the Private Security Industry Act 2001. The SIA ACS includes elements of widely recognised business improvement models including ISO 9001 and the European Foundation for Quality Management Excellence Model. The scheme therefore, proves not only your competency in security practices but also demonstrates your continuing investment in improving your operational efficiency.

Your potential clients are increasingly making SIA ACS approval mandatory for their security service providers. So, while the scheme is voluntary, achieving SIA Approved Contractor Scheme status strengthens your position in the private security industry and can improve your eligibility.

Being approved to SIA ACS…

  • Demonstrates that your service has been independently assessed against recognised standards and that security personnel have been properly trained for the role they will perform
  • Provides a competitive edge over others in the market and gives confidence in the service you will provide
  • Gives you entry to the SIA Register of Approved Contractors emphasising your status as one of the strongest providers of private security services available in the UK 

Advantages of becoming an SIA approved contractor

  • Display the approved contractor plaque and/or certificate at your premises
  • Add the relevant standards to your vehicle markings, social media and web pages
  • Purchase additional certificate copies for use during acquisition of new clients or for distribution to existing clients
  • Displaying the standard assures your customers, partners and employees of your position as an exemplary private security service provider

Already ACS approved? Transfer to Alcumus ISOQAR now..

Transferring your existing approved status to Alcumus ISOQAR is as straightforward and as easy as switching your energy provider. During the transfer process (ACS Standard Route) we will pick up your case where your current provider left off, and continue with your agreed schedule.


5 Easy Steps to transfer you SIA ACS to Alcumus ISOQAR today

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Why choose Alcumus ISOQAR?

Alcumus ISOQAR was appointed as an official SIA ACS assessor in 2006. Since then we have completed thousands of assessments and hundreds of clients continue to uphold their SIA ACS status with us every year.

  • Over 90% of our clients renew their SIA Approved Contractor Scheme membership with us every year
  • Our established assessment process has been refined and is continually improved to ensure an efficient and accurate method
  • Our continually analysed pricing strategy that is tailored to your requirements
  • We have dedicated technical customer service teams

Client testimonials:

At Alcumus ISOQAR we are fortunate enough to have fantastic relationships with all of our clients. Here is what a few of them have had to say about our SIA ACS approval:

Iain McCallister Managing Director of MAN Commercial Protection Ltd:

“As Managing Director and owner of Man Commercial Protection Ltd we have used Alcumus ISOQAR since 2003. We have recommended ISOQAR to other companies in the past and certainly would do again in the future.

We have always found the auditors extremely professional and knowledgeable. The 4-day audits are expansive and cover all aspects of our business and a lot of our staff are involved in the audits working alongside the ISOQAR Auditors and in the past, all the feedback has been extremely positive.

We as a company have increased our turnover significantly during the last few years and a big part of that has been with the accreditations won and the assistance of ISOQAR and their Auditors.”

Shaun Bennett Quality and Compliance Manager of Securitas:

“ISOQAR have been Securitas’ ACS Auditor since its inception in 2006.

During this period auditors have visited both company and customer premises, always in a highly professional manner.  For a company the size of Securitas, the audits are always well structured and allow for challenging debate.

It’s important for Securitas to work with a Company that can demonstrate a flexible approach to audits, due to the demands of the ever-changing security industry.  ISOQAR have always been accommodating of this request without any hesitation.

The ISOQAR auditors demonstrate a high level of knowledge of the security industry and are always eager to share best practices.”

Tony Hill Managing Director of Radius Security Ltd:

“I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance in the past.

Whilst we are, ‘firm believers’ that we have always performed within our QMS, it is always good to be externally measured thus providing the impartial assessment needed to ensure we are compliant.

Many would believe that acquiring and then maintaining accreditations such as ACS and ISO is a complexed process. May I take this opportunity to suggest that in working with ISOQAR we have been fortunate and gratefully appreciate that their approach has been robust but also informative and helpful.

Many thanks and I look forward to working with ISOQAR and our ongoing commitment in the future.”

Dave Daulby Compliance Manager at Axis Security:

“I have used the services of several Awarding Bodies over the years and can, therefore say with some authority that ISOQAR is by far the best and therefore our number one choice.

At our last ACS visit the Auditor was professional and demanding but managed to make everybody he spoke to feel relaxed and not under pressure. His feedback at the end was spot on and highlighted how astute he was.”

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