With this in mind we are busy training our auditors and putting systems in place to ensure we have expertise and assessment capacity to be able to audit against the new standard from the date of final publication. Accredited certificates against the revisions will be made available once we have gone through the accreditation process – we imagine this to be within 3 months of the release of the PD.

If your clients are hesitant in anyway, please reassure them that they do not have to be audited against the revisions straightaway and that they have up to 3 years from publication to complete the transition. Please remind them as well that as well as having your support our Alcumus ISOQAR auditors will work with them to ensure a pain free transition appropriate to their needs.

Below are some helpful tips that your clients may find useful in order to help them prepare for the revised standards:


When What Available for both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Where to get further information
Transition training courses: 

1. A one day course which covers the fundamental changes supported by practical exercises. This course is relevant for anyone involved in their management system

2. A two day extended version, ideally suited for lead auditors, covering the same fundamentals. However in addition to exercises, this course is supported by comprehensive discussion points

Yes Call our Alcumus Academy team on:

01296 678453

Summer 2015 Publication of the FDIS:

We will publish a comparison document /self-audit checklist. Electronic versions will be sent to existing ISOQAR clients and will be made available for download from our website


If no FDIS is published for ISO 14001, we will issue this comparison document against the DIS


Call our Alcumus ISOQAR technical sales team on:

0161 865 3699 

ISOQAR pre-assessment offer:

Available from September 2015. ISOQAR will carry out an audit against the requirements of the current 2008 versions but will also provide an assessment report against a checklist to the 2015 FDIS (note: clients choosing this enhanced option will receive a fully updated comparison document highlighting the differences between the FDIS and final published standard in order for you to address any changes)


If no FDIS is published for ISO 14001, we carry out the pre assessment against the DIS


Call our Alcumus ISOQAR technical sales team on:

0161 865 3699

On publication Surveillance audit against the new standard:

Please note that accredited certificates will not be available until we have been awarded UKAS accreditation.

Soon after final publication, we will make a webinar (online presentation) available via our website which will provide a useful overview to the key differences between the FDIS and final publication (PD)

Yes Contact your allocated Alcumus ISOQAR auditor or the Alcumus ISOQAR technical sales team on:

0161 865 3699