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Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) is a key tool to ensure hazardous substances are controlled adequately. If you are looking to fit such a system, or test and maintain an existing system, our team of Occupational Hygienists can help you.

Local Exhaust Ventilation

Controlling exposures to hazardous substances in the workplace is the job of occupational hygienists. It is vital therefore to get the unbiased input of our Occupational Hygiene team to help you design the system which is going to suit your needs the most. We can help from the off with establishing design specifications which will maintain the capture velocities that you need.

Too many companies rely on engineers to test their extraction systems. Ask yourself, do they really have the same knowledge and experience of these systems to give you the advice you need to ensure control over airborne hazards are being maintained? Would you expect your insurance company to have the knowledge and experience to MOT your car? We have that knowledge and expertise and will work closely with you to ensure optimum control at all times.

LEV reports

Our colour coded reports will provide you with the answers you need by comparing the measured capture velocities to those outlined in the latest guidance.

Local Exhaust Ventilation

No matter what extraction you use, We have the expertise to evaluate your LEV systems.

Expert advice

At the design phase for a new ventilation system? Our expert advice is invaluable.

Capture velocity measurements

Ensure your LEV is adequately designed to capture the contaminants you need it to.

Duct pressure measurements

Our consultants will ensure every element of your LEV is fit for use, and they are able to troubleshoot any system.

What we can provide…

  • Flow rate measurement
  • Capture velocity measurement
  • Partial pressure measurement
  • Design consultation
  • LEV log books
  • Detailed colour coded reports
  • Action plans
  • Recommendations for improvement