Meeting regulation and optimising growth for SMEs

With the economic climate continuing to look as gloomy as the weather, and with large high street names very visibly struggling, you might be excused for believing that the future for all UK businesses looks equally grim.

There is optimism though, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales recently announced that their ‘ICAEW/Grant Thornton Business Confidence Monitor’ suggests that UK business confidence in the first quarter of this year has grown, with expectations that turnover, profits and hiring figures would grow too.  The really interesting news, however, is that growth in the SME sector is expected to be the strongest.  Perhaps the retail giants of the world are suffering at the hands of tightened purse strings and the increasing savvy of internet shoppers, but the scales seem to be tipping in favour of smaller businesses.

Understanding what a critical time this is for SMEs, on the whole they might be doing well but times are still tough, the Alcumus Group has taken the decision to tackle some of the key areas facing SMEs head-on.

Director of Alcumus Group Marketing Nikki Sammé says “We work with a considerable number of SMEs, across all industry sectors and see firsthand the problem areas that these businesses grapple with day-to-day.  As a result we have consciously tailored our health & safety and our employment law services to effectively support our clients at the level they need.  Driving growth for SMEs is difficult enough without the added pressures of legal compliance and regulation.”

“Our seminars will focus on health & safety, employment law and the popular ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.  The aim is to help equip SMEs with the knowledge and tools to succeed and grow during some particularly difficult economic times.”