Compliance blog

Our new proactive, online HR and HS advisory services will assist business owners and managers with day-to-day queries and compliance issues, aimed at supporting them to run their businesses more effectively and productively.

Both services are available in three levels of support – gold, silver and bronze – so that businesses can select the most appropriate package for their needs and budget.

All include access to a 24-hour helpline, with gold and silver offering a comprehensive range of services, including online co-ordination and updating key HR and H&S records, policies and procedures, making it easy for clients to know what to do, when to do it and providing support with how to do it.

Martin Smith, Alcumus CEO, said: “What we have done is move away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach, to provide clients with the level of support that is right for them.

“We have also drawn on Alcumus’ in-house IT expertise to deliver the services via robust, user-friendly technology that enables our consultants to remotely update HR & HS records and documentation, track whether the client has taken any follow-up action necessary and to remotely view the same information the client is seeing, and and providing guidance and support as it is needed.

“That kind of support also enables us to deliver what clients tell us is most important to them – quick, expert, value-added assistance when they have an issue to deal with.

“Our input also upskills our clients, because working through an issue with our support helps them to understand key information and drive it home, so that they can become better, more confident managers. Of course complying with the law is important for our clients, because mistakes can be costly, not only in monetary terms, but also management time.”

For more information and to download our HR & HS Guard brochures, please visit our webpage.