Proposed changes to directive to improve lorry safety

The European Parliament’s Transport Committee has voted in favour of proposed changes to the Vehicle Weights & Dimensions Directive, meaning lorry cabs can be redesigned to reduce blind spots, thus improving the direct vision of the driver.

Whilst mandatory implementation for new lorries may not occur immediately, this news is a major step in the right direction to reduce deaths and major injuries on the road.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has been pushing for amendments to the EU Directive for some time. In January the Mayor’s Cycling Commissioner, Andrew Gilligan, and Olympic gold medallist, Chris Boardman, joined forces with safety campaigners in Brussels to lobby the European Parliament on the issue.

The amendments would also enable lorries to be fitted with an energy absorbing crash system at the front of the cab and allow for a more rounded cab design in order to divert vulnerable road users to the side of the vehicle in case of collision.

Lorry makers will have the possibility to improve designs straight away and the European Parliament’s Transport Committee wants these life-saving features to become mandatory for all new lorries by 2022.