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Alcumus have developed a stand-alone PropertyPlus module that allows you to build an audit report bespoke to your needs. The audit form can be completed electronically on site using apple or android based handheld devices. The app allows the user to undertake a short answer audit or inspection, add comments and photographs to produce a simple and robust form without the need for amendments or re-writing when back at the office. The audit module has offline capability, allowing inspections to be completed on site without an active internet connection. The completed form can then be saved into the PropertyPlus system that will allow trends and issues to be reported.


  • Ability to undertake audits and site inspections electronically
  • Multiple templates can be implemented
  • Utilises both a desktop and mobile version
  • Mobile app has an ‘offline client’ so no internet connection needed

Why the need for the Audit Module?

Traditionally inspections done on paper are:

    • Easily misplaced
    • Time consuming
    • Difficult to look at national, client and property trends and issues
    • Difficult to see if surveys are being undertaken on time
    • Individuals adapt and change ‘standard’ paper forms over time
    • Gives competitive advantage when tendering to potential clients

Benefits of using the Audit Module

  • Build bespoke audit form(s)
  • Quick and easy to undertake an audit in real time – no double entry
  • Provides a clear audit trail of what has been done and when
  • Provides a clear record of action that is required
  • Ability to report on trends and issues and levels of compliance
  • Demonstration of pro-activity to all stakeholders (insurance, clients, management, enforcement)