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Our software provides access to real time, consistent and accurate data, providing profit protection analysts and loss investigators the ability to quickly identify and analyse trends relating to security incidents and suspicious behaviour in order to investigate them effectively and strengthen loss prevention strategies.

Highly configurable to mirror your businesses processes and loss related risk areas, our key loss prevention functionality includes:

Security incident and case management:

Log and evidence the cause and effect of known and unknown stock and cash loss, automate the initiation of investigations and store litigation evidence to facilitate successful prosecutions.

Security risk assessments:

Create and share risk assessments, create review programmes and automate risk assessment ratings to help prioritise profit protection initiatives.

Exception analysis and reporting:

Proactively mine captured data and push out email notifications where trends have been spotted. In addition our constellation mapping functionality will allow overlaying of data on a geographical map.

Document management:

Store all evidence relating to incidents in a variety of formats – CCTV footage, audio, PDF etc. Capability is enhanced with optional SharePoint integration.

Data integration:

The ability to integrate with other business systems to import/export aligned data.