Rackspace has been delivering hosting services to all kinds of business of all sizes around the world since 1998. They have grown to serve more than 172,000 customers.Rackspace

Alcumus has dedicated architecture located in the Rackspace data centre in Slough.  We maintain full control over the platform but Rackspace support everything up to the application level including the Windows Operating system (and patching/updating). In addition they monitor all vital statistics to ensure things are performing correctly and to allow for early diagnosis in the event of failures.

We have 24/7 support from Rackspace engineers and technicians alongside a dedicated account team who are there to ensure the smooth running.

Server data is backed up daily and held on-site in fireproof containers for 4 weeks.

NCC Group

NCC Group logo

Our software has been independently tested by NCC Group, a highy respected leading global information assurance firm. NCC Group has top-level accreditations from bodies ranging from the governments CESG CHECK scheme to the PCI Security Standards Council.

The tests carried out by NCC Group and resulting reports have helped us to ensure we have appropriately and robustly mitigated the risks of malicious attack and data loss.  NCC Group have also tested and confirmed that our software can successfully be rebuilt from the source code, protecting our clients’ applications as part of your disaster recovery plan.

Infrastructure penetration testing

NCC Group experts examined our infrastructure to assess the resilience of our security controls and to verify that our software is protected from unauthorised access by any potential attackers.  The infrastructure testing highlighted to us any potential areas of vulnerability, allowing us to reinforce security measures in order to address these potential threat areas.

Application security testing

A thorough security analysis of our application deployment examined and assessed all the key components of our application and supporting infrastructure.  Application security testing checks all areas of the application’s life cycle, from design to deployment to maintenance and upgrades.  These rigorous tests and the implementation of recommended security measures means you can have total confidence in the quality and security of our software.

Escrow agreement

NCC Group has verified that our software can be successfully built from the source code and that the source code and associated files have been placed into an Escrow agreement.  The source code and associated files have been lodged in the NCC Group Secure Deposit Facility.

The Escrow agreement protects the licensee, because if the licensor files for bankruptcy or otherwise fails to maintain and update the software as promised in the software license agreement the licensee’s investment is protected.  Should the Escrow agreement be necessary to come into effect the source code will be provided to the licensee enabling them to recompile a fully functional working product.

Source Code Verification

This process verifies the software and source code that underpins our core product offering (Info Exchange). This gives the client total assurance should they ever be in a position where they need to recompile our source code into a fully functional working product, without the assistance of Info Exchange.