COSHH management system

Enhanced respiratory protection requirements

You may soon notice some changes to your Sypol CMS system.

The respiratory protection requirements within the COSHH control measures have been enhanced to ensure the highest standards of control of hazardous occupational exposure and to align our assessments with the latest best practice from the HSE.

Although isocyanates are potent respiratory sensitisers, it is probable that unless they are sprayed under pressure the levels of exposure to users will be quite low. This does however need to be confirmed by personal occupational exposure monitoring in accordance with the COSHH Regulations. If you need any help in undertaking such monitoring then do contact our occupational hygiene team who will be happy to help.

Please note that some of the wording for spraying activities has changed:

  •  Spraying (Hand Held Trigger) is now Spraying (Trigger Bottle)
  • Spraying (Pressurised) is now Spraying (Pressurised/Gun)

This should eliminate any possible confusion for users of hand held pressurised spraying apparatus which should be using the Spraying (Pressurised/Gun) activity and the Spraying (Trigger Bottle) activity which is intended to cover use of small amounts of substances in ‘squirty bottles’, plant misters etc.

As always, if you have any queries about these definitions our CMS team will be happy to provide further clarification if required.