training schedule

As this issue seems to be difficult in most places of work, and with the pressure of increased workload, demands on our time becoming even more strained.

Many people see time management as a challenge, however there are many people who find it difficult to manage this effectively which results in work piling up and causing an increase in stress levels. There are many ways in which you can tackle this problem to improve this situation occurring regularly.


As soon as you get into work in the morning, use this productive time to your advantage for planning, as concentration levels can diminish as the day progresses. However, some people are most productive in the afternoon, so use the time allotted when you are feeling most productive to plan ahead and tackle the larger tasks at hand, as this will make best use of your time.


Prioritise your tasks in order of importance. If you have various deadlines then it is crucial to get these jobs done before others. However, if you have tasks that will only take a few minutes, then you could get these out of the way quickly before taking on your larger projects.


If you are finding it difficult to manage your time and you feel that you have a massive workload, then delegating jobs to colleagues may be a method of tackling this most effectively. Choose someone who you can trust and that is equally capable of carrying out the jobs that you don’t think you will have time to complete.

Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination is something that we will all find ourselves doing sometimes. You must try to tackle things head on, as procrastination will deter many opportunities to complete projects or tasks that you have scheduled to undertake.


A messy work space can really distract from the imperative work load that you have to make your way through. If your desk is full of rubbish, personal items, post-it notes and pens, then it is time for a clean up. If you desk isn’t coordinated properly then the capacity to carry on with your work will be reduced.

Email and phone usage

Many of us have fallen victim to constantly checking and responding to emails throughout the day. To reduce the fact that this is disturbing you in the midst of important work, you could prevent this from happening by switching on your out of office between certain times of the day, indicating to clients that you are only contactable at particular times where you will tend to all emails at once.

Write notes

Making notes of every single task and odd job you have done over the course of a week will give you an indication of how much of this time can be reduced for improving productivity. We all spend a lot of time on pointless tasks that can hugely impact on our days in the office.

Find a little ‘me time’

You may sometimes find yourself being interrupted by other colleagues, even if you are the most organised person in the office. You must make it clear to your colleagues that you are not to be disturbed so that you are not constantly being bombarded with phone calls, emails and people coming by your desk.