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Course aim

This course is designed to help employers meet their legal obligation to train employees who may come across asbestos as part of their day-to-day work. In line with ACOP-143, annual refresher courses are recommended.

Who should attend?

This asbestos awareness training is ideally suited for those who may encounter asbestos containing materials (ACMs) as part of their day-to-day work. This course will help enable the delegates to work in accordance with the legal requirements in order to protect their own health and safety and that of others.

Topics for discussion

  • The relevant legal framework, regulations, approved codes of practice and guidance that applies to asbestos work including case studies
  • The properties of asbestos and its effects on health
  • Where asbestos is likely to be in a commercial building
  • What asbestos looks like
  • General procedures to be followed when discovering asbestos containing materials
  • How to avoid and control the risks from asbestos
  • The assessment of risk when works are commissioned
  • The importance of following the procedures, controls and preventative measures

When discussing or booking this course, we will talk to you about the activities and job roles of the delegates who are attending. This will ensure the information delivered is relevant to the activities of your employees and their job roles.