Overview of course

Equal opportunity is about treating people fairly, identifying and removing barriers that get in the way of this and redressing existing imbalances, so that groups which continue to be disadvantaged gain access to opportunities for full participation in the workplace and in wider society. Diversity is focused on making effective use of the differences and similarities between people. It’s about creating working environments that value a range of differences, believing that understanding and managing these can lead to organisational and societal benefit.

Why choose Alcumus for training

  • Proven track record of delivering high quality training across an wide portfolio of compliance and certification topics
  • Highly experienced trainers with relevant industry qualifications for their chosen area of expertise (including CM IOSH, OSCR, CIPD & IRCA)
  • Approachable and friendly training team with extensive industry knowledge who are able to pass on practical experience
  • Large pool of trainers spread across wide geographical area

Couse content

  • Understanding the company’s equal opportunities and diversity policy
  • Definitions: the company’s duty to encourage an appropriate working environment to reflect their policy
  • Understanding where equal opportunities and diversity will apply and how your company can avoid breaching the legislation
  • Understanding the benefits to the business in embracing a positive equal opportunities and diversity policy
  • Legal obligations
  • Complaints
  • The risks of getting it wrong