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Course aim

This course is designed to help employees understand how to safely operate water, foam and CO2 fire extinguishers. This course is completely practical and involves no classroom-based time. All instruction will be given within the practical area.

It is essential that our client provide a safe location to discharge the extinguishers (may need to speak to landlord). Please advise the delegates to wear appropriate footwear and bring clothes appropriate for the weather conditions.

Who should attend?

Any employee who may need to use an extinguisher.

Topics for discussion

  • Safe use of water, foam and CO2 fire extinguishers
  • The type of fire on which each extinguisher should be used
  • Extinguisher formats and colours
  • Company policy

The format of this course delivery can deal with multiple staff. The client can send groups of delegates to the trainer over the period of the afternoon. This should ensure minimal disruption to client’s activities.