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Course aim

This course is designed to help employers meet their legal obligation to train employees who have responsibilities for fire safety within their day-to-day role. As a half-day session, delegates are expected to have had some fire training historically. This course includes a practical fire extinguisher section (venue permitting). Please advise the delegates to wear appropriate footwear and bring clothes appropriate for the weather conditions.

Who should attend?

Employees with responsibilities for fire safety in the workplace including fire wardens. The course will be specific to the workplace and activities of delegates within their job role. This course relies on delegates having some basic knowledge of fire safety.

Topics for discussion

  • Brief outline of fire legal framework
  • Fire risk assessment, hazard spotting, how fire spreads and the fire triangle
  • Maintaining means of escape
  • What action to take in the event of a fire, in line with on-site procedures
  • Human response to fire and case studies relating to evacuation
  • Fire warden routine duties
  • Introduction to firefighting equipment and extinguisher practical
  • Summary and Q&A