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Designed to support those implementing a Quality Management System, such as quality managers and consultants. It is also highly beneficial for those needing to fully understand or implement quality management within their organisation.


  • To provide an understanding of what a Quality Management System is and how it can help a business
  • To give an overview of the basic registration process
  • To provide details of where to get help and information
  • To help you understand the tools required to meet the requirements of your QMS
  • To assist you in attaining the skills to be able to implement an effective QMS
  • To be able to describe the purpose of a QMS
  • To be able to explain the purpose and intent of ISO 9001
  • To be able to describe the requirements of ISO 9001

Course content

  • Why have a standard at all and why a Quality Management Standard?
  • How a QMS can enhance an organisation
  • Control of processes
  • The PDCA Cycle
  • The effect on an organisation
  • Certification to ISO 9001:2015
  • 7 Principles of quality
  • The process model
  • Benefits of a Quality Management System
  • ISO 9001:2015 standard


Course dates & locations

Date (from - to) Location Price Availability Book
02/05/2017 Surrey £370 Book this course
03/05/2017 Cardiff £370 Fully booked, call 01296 678453 for alternative dates
16/05/2017 Manchester £370 Book this course
13/06/2017 Milton Keynes £370 Book this course
20/06/2017 Manchester £370 Book this course
03/07/2017 Hertfordshire £370 Book this course
11/07/2017 Wakefield £370 Book this course
11/07/2017 Surrey £370 Book this course
18/07/2017 Manchester £370 Book this course
08/08/2017 Manchester £370 Book this course
05/09/2017 Cardiff £370 Book this course
12/09/2017 Manchester £370 Book this course
12/09/2017 Milton Keynes £370 Book this course
10/10/2017 Surrey £370 Book this course
17/10/2017 Manchester £370 Book this course
07/11/2017 Wakefield £370 Book this course
14/11/2017 Manchester £370 Book this course
14/11/2017 Milton Keynes £370 Book this course
12/12/2017 Manchester £370 Book this course
11/12/2017 Surrey £370 Book this course