Overview of course

By law, a basic knowledge of health & safety is essential for all employees in an office environment to ensure that workplace risks are recognised and managed effectively.  This course is designed to provide all office workers with adequate health and safety information to ensure safe working. Whilst working in an office environment may present less risk of injury than other sectors, the office environment can still pose a number of hazards. This training covers legal responsibilities, accident prevention and an overview of the key workplace hazards that employees need to be aware of.

Why choose Alcumus for training

  • Proven track record of delivering high quality training across an wide portfolio of compliance and certification topics
  • Highly experienced trainers with relevant industry qualifications for their chosen area of expertise (including CM IOSH, OSCR, CIPD & IRCA)
  • Approachable and friendly training team with extensive industry knowledge who are able to pass on practical experience
  • Large pool of trainers spread across wide geographical area

Course content

  • Workstation – a look at display screen equipment
  • Housekeeping – its importance in health & safety
  • Slips and trips – moving safely around the office
  • Storage – its implications for safety
  • Manual handling – a brief look at manual handling techniques
  • Psychological hazards – recognising and dealing with stress
  • Fire emergency – procedures
  • Office security – precautions against theft
  • First aid – know what’s available