London Borough of Richmond

“Without the Info Exchange system, we would still be collating and recording paper-based reports, securing warehouse space to store all our records and then spending time retrieving and sorting them when we need to produce reports or legal evidence. My team now spends more time analysing data and delivering best practice systems to manage health and safety across all the sites in the borough, which will lead to a safer working environment for everyone”

Capita Symonds

“It has been quite a success story to the extent that it has changed our culture in the way we manage contractors. In real time, we now have a statement on compliance for each property, giving us a framework to challenge the performance of contractors”

J Sainsbury plc

“Over the years, we have done a fair amount of work with Info Exchange and I think there is a lot more that we can do. A big attraction is the flexibility Info Exchange offers”


“We are always looking at ways to operate even more effectively, and although it was quite a fundamental shift, the Info Exchange system was easy and responsive to use and the team there were open to our ideas and any changes we wanted”

Morgan Sindall

“We see it as a successful system because it delivers what it promises. Rather than keeping their own local records, people have visibility of information from across the company, so it has cut administration time considerably. In addition, because everything is held centrally, it is easy to produce meaningful reports for potential or existing customers”