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Our roots can be traced back to 1979, when Sypol Noise and Pollution was founded. Sypol was a pioneer in its field; among its innovations were the launch of its market-leading COSHH Management System in both paper and floppy disk formats – making it one of the first to embrace exciting new innovations.

Over the years the Sypol business expanded through a series of mergers and acquisitions, with the addition of health and safety consultancy, training, software, certification and accreditation expertise, resulting in the Alcumus business that exists today.

Our commitment to embracing new and evolving technology has never wavered – we are constantly looking for new ways to support and enhance our clients’ businesses and make it easier for them to keep their workforce safer, healthier and stronger.

Our name and logo

When we started to evolve our business we needed a name that reflected our strengths, commitment, culture and values. In Greek mythology Alcumus was the father of Mentor so this seemed an ideal choice based on our ethos of exceptional mentoring, advice and support!

Our ‘star and shields’ logo represents ‘protection and guidance’ – shields being one of the most instantly recognisable symbols of protection and a star an international symbol of guidance.