Auditing and Consulting

Have confidence in your compliance

  • Choose knowledge, not hope. Nothing brings peace of mind like the knowledge your organisation is doing things the right way. Auditing and consulting services from Alcumus HSE provide full assurance that your processes are suitable and compliant, so you can cut out the guesswork.

  • Get a second opinion you can trust. Alcumus HSE auditors and consultants are specialists in their fields, armed with a detailed understanding of legislation, regulations and best practice. Our people are the backbone of our business, delivering expert advice that you can have complete confidence in.

  • Go beyond compliance. We understand the importance of protecting your employees, your customers and your business. Our auditing and consulting services encourage continual improvement, building a level of security that you can be proud of.

Business Compliance 

Alcumus HSE provides health, safety and environmental consultancy and workplace monitoring services.

What can Alcumus HSE do for your organisation?

Alcumus HSE offers a wide range of consultancy services, including risk assessments, policy and document writing, strategy writing and advice, auditing, gap analysis, monitoring and testing.

Why choose Alcumus HSE?

We are industry leading, investing heavily in governance and competency for safer environments.

Areas of expertise:

  • Health and safety

  • Fire Safety

  • CDM


  • Workplace Monitoring

We provide full service health and safety consulting for organisations of all sizes. 
Our expert team of occupational hygienists carry out workplace monitoring, specialising in COSHH, noise exposure, asbestos, legionella and more. 
We audit your disability access compliance and provide consultancy so that you can make improvements to accessibility. 
Alcumus provides a comprehensive fire safety consulting and auditing service. 
We provide consultancy and support for businesses required to comply with the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015.
We provide energy consultancy and EPC certificates for businesses of all sizes. 

SME Consulting

Alcumus PSM (People Safety Management) specialises in human resources and health and safety consulting for smaller businesses.

PSM Services

  • Comprehensive HR and HS advice from our expert team

  • 24/7 telephone support line

  • HR and HS online management software

Supply chain management

Alcumus SafeContractor audits the health and safety of contractors in your supply chain.

How SafeContractor helps supply chain management:

SafeContractor assesses the health and safety processes of your contractors and subcontractors. If a contractor passes the SafeContractor assessment you can be confident in their organisational capability for health and safety.

SafeContractor undertakes the responsibility of health and safety pre-qualification checks on your behalf, sparing you the time-consuming and costly process of auditing contractors in-house.

Benefits of SafeContractor

  • ​Minimises risk

  • Assessment based on legislation, HSE advice and best practice

  • Large team of highly qualified full-time auditors

  • Dedicated client support

  • Cost-effective and time efficient