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What is COSHH?

COSHH stands for the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health.

Under the COSHH regulations 2002, employers are legally obligated to control the use of substances that could be hazardous to the health of their workers.

Almost any substance which could be hazardous to health will be subject to COSHH regulations. The main exceptions are lead, asbestos and radioactive materials, as they are governed by specific legislation.

Why are COSHH regulations important?

COSHH regulations protect your workers against short and long-term health problems. Exposure to substances regulated by COSHH can cause serious health problems, including cancers, skin conditions and diseases, COPD and lung diseases.

Failure to comply with COSHH regulations puts your people and your business at risk. It also leaves you open to criminal prosecution and compensation claims. 

Examples of substances that COSHH regulations apply to: 

  • ‚ÄčChemicals and products that contain chemicals – such as detergents

  • Fumes – this could be caused by burning substances like plastics

  • Vapours and mists – substances in vapor or mist form can be easily inhaled

  • Dusts – this includes natural dusts such as sawdust

  • Biological agents – including germs which cause diseases, such as legionnaires

  • Plants – skin contact with certain plants can cause dermatitis

  • Nanotechnology – substances with molecules so small they can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin


What is the Sypol COSHH Management System?


Substances are marked with hazard symbols if they have been deemed as 'dangerous for supply'.

Safety data sheets must also be provided with 'dangerous for supply' products, but they can be difficult to understand depending on the manufacturer. 

Please note that not all hazardous substances are deemed as 'dangerous for supply', so many substances which are subject to COSHH won't come with a safety data sheet. 

Our COSHH Management Software provides easy to understand safety data sheets for tens of thousands of substances:

Risk assessments outline what substance is being used, what the potential risks are, and what can be done to mitigate these risks. 

COSHH risk assessments must be specific to the work activity taking place. This is because a substance may pose a very different hazard depending on how it is being used. For example, the same substance might behave differently in its gaseous form than it does in its liquid form. Similarly, it may behave differently outside to how it behaves in a laboratory environment. Risk assessments must take all variables into account when deciding what risks are at play and how best to manage them. 

Access over 750,000 COSHH risk assessments in minutes with our COSHH Management Software:

Even with specific risk assessments in use, it is important to monitor levels of exposure to substances hazardous to health. 

Workplace monitoring can confirm that your risk assessments are effective, and identify areas for improvement.

Alcumus offers Workplace Monitoring Services, carried out by our COSHH technical experts:

Our Solutions

COSHH Management Software and Workplace Monitoring


COSHH Management Software

Alcumus Sypol's COSHH Management System gives you access to a database of over 750,000 COSHH assessments written by technical experts.

Why choose Alcumus CMS

Alcumus Sypol has been the market leader in COSHH management since COSHH legislation was introduced over 35 years ago.

COSHH assessments are a legal requirement if you work with substances that are hazardous to health. Writing your own COSHH assessments can be inconvenient – it’s a lengthy process that requires detailed knowledge of COSHH legislation. With the Sypol software you can retrieve an assessment that has been written by a COSHH technical expert in just 5 minutes.

Our database currently holds over 750,000 COSHH assessments, with 10,000 new assessments written by our in-house technical team each month. In the unlikely event that you need an assessment that is not yet on our database, you can call up our helpdesk which is manned by our team of technical experts – they’ll happily write any assessment you need.

Alcumus Sypol Software Benefits

  • Access to 750,000+ COSHH assessments

  • 10,000+ new assessments each month

  • Coherent, easy-to-use reports

  • Support from 20+ in-house technical experts

  • 7-day helpdesk manned by technical experts

  • New assessment requests fulfilled in 5 days

  • Express option with 1-2 hour turnaround

  • Excellent customer service - 96% client retention rate

Workplace Monitoring Services

Alcumus' market-leading expertise makes us uniquely qualified to provide workplace monitoring services.

Our team of experienced occupational hygienists can provide monitoring services for organisations of all sizes. 


Workplace monitoring provides assurance that you are: 

  • Legally compliant with COSHH regulations

  • Protecting your people from exposure to substances hazardous to health

COSHH Training

We provide COSHH training courses for health and safety
managers and people working with hazardous substances


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