Legionella Risk Assessment

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What is Legionella?

Legionella, or Legionella Pneumophila, is a natural bacterium commonly found in rivers and ponds, however, it can contaminate any water source if the environment is right. Legionella thrives in temperatures between 20°C - 45°C and growth is supported by rust, sludge, scale, algae and other biological material.

This is why it can often be found in wet or damp environments such as; air conditioning units, showers, taps, toilets, spa pools, and saunas.

The importance of prevention

Legionella can be fatal. Currently, every year there are an average 341 cases of Legionella reported in the UK, and between 2014 - 2016 there were 57 deaths as a result. 

Many of these deaths are preventable. Often cases of Legionella occur due to an oversight of certain environments that Legionella thrive in, and this can purely be down to a lack of expertise of the responsible person in that particular area of health and safety. 

Robust Legionella risk management is essential to protect you, your colleagues and others from harm. All landlords, property owners and property managers have a legal requirement to assess and maintain an assessment of the risks of Legionella in the workplace. 

Legionella risk assessment specialists

Robust Legionella risk management is essential to protect you, your colleagues and others from harm. All landlords, property owners and property managers have a legal requirement to assess and maintain an assessment of the risks of Legionella in the workplace.

Alcumus provides Legionella risk assessment services for a wide range of industrial and commercial clients of all sizes.  We support you in legionnaires’ disease prevention, and help ensure you are following the HSE approved code of practice and guidance (ACoP L8 and HSG274 Parts 1-3), and remain compliant.

The Alcumus Legionella team is made up of expert water consultants who work with you to identify the risks and put procedures in place to eliminate any current issues and prevent future contamination. We take the burden off you or the responsible person in your business. Trust in our Legionella expertise to help keep your workplace staff safe and your business compliant.
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Boost your knowledge

For more information on Legionella, how to prevent it and what your legal obligations are, download our free whitepaper which covers:

  • What is Legionella, and why it's a risk to humans

  • The ideal Legionella environment for the bacteria to grow and thrive

  • Common mistakes made by businesses

  • The sectors who are particularly at risk, and finally

  • What you can do to mitigate the Legionella risks.

Legionella and your business: a whitepaper

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Below is a preview of the whitepaper 'The facts about Legionella and your business'

Unfortunately for some, Legionella is only identified when it’s too late and someone has fallen ill. Being aware of common mistakes in the workplace could not only protect your business but also save someone’s life.

Common pitfalls include:

1 Failure to understand the water system 
2 Inadequate control measures 
3 Lack of competence/technical knowledge 
4 Failure to act upon the findings of a risk assessment/inspection

All sectors and businesses that operate in a building with water systems/sources should assess the risk of Legionella contamination. However, some sectors have a higher risk due to the more attractive environment created for the legionella bacteria to live and grow. The sectors that statistically are at greater risk include:

  • Nursing and care homes

  • Industrial and manufacturing

  • Hotels, spas, and hospitality

  • Hospitals and healthcare

  • Property management 

Read the Legionella whitepaper