Get to know Matthew Rouse, Head of Account Management at Alcumus Info Exchange Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m originally from Nuneaton in the Midlands and graduated from University with a BSc(HONS) degree in Psychology, which was no mean feat as I spent most of childhood playing football rather than focussing on studies…
I’ve been married to my wonderful wife for 18 years and have three amazing children (15,12, and 6). Unsurprisingly I spend most of my time taxiing my children to their various sporting activities which they love. For my wife and I having children who enjoy participating in sport at any level is really important not only because they’re healthy but as it is helping to develop their discipline and resilience.

I still try and play sport (badly) – football, squash, and tennis but I dedicate a lot time to coaching and managing my sons football team which I have been doing for the last 6 years (uninteresting fact alert-  I’m an FA approved coach). We also have a Cocker Spaniel who’s mad as a box of frogs, so he demands time out and about, and every now and then I speak to my wife!!!
What did you want to be when you were growing up?
Superman – but once I realised I couldn’t fly or have X-ray vision I wanted to be a footballer or teacher!
If you could have dinner with two people, dead or alive, who would they be and why?
This is tough as my choice would always be family and I’m blessed with an amazing one. I would love for my children to have spent more time with my Grandfather, so he would definitely be one guest and my children the other, now I know I have three children but you wouldn’t expect me to pick just one – right? I’d expect my Grandfather would spend hours telling his stories and bad, but hilarious to a child, jokes and for my children to ask the questions only children think of.
Can you discuss your career to date?
I’ve been working in Client Facing roles since before University and always enjoyed interacting and helping people. After leaving University I joined a Customer and Employee Engagement business called Grass Roots and worked with various clients on everything from Customer Satisfaction programmes to Employee reward and Benefits programmes all delivered through technology - this was the time when faxes were being phased out (quite a while ago!), which is where my passion for technology comes from. Technology makes a real difference to people’s working life – done properly this can deliver real value to an individual and a business. Since then I’ve worked in Technology led businesses for small owner-led companies to large PLC’s in roles such as Account Director and in the last 10 years as a Head of Account Management and Commercial Director.
I’ve learnt so much from so many people and my work mantra was one of the first things my first MD taught me: -
  1. Do good work
  2. Make Money
  3. Have fun
How long have you been at Alcumus, what do you think the challenges and opportunities are?
I have been with Alcumus since the beginning of September. I think we all have a great opportunity to be part of something very special, both here at Info Exchange but also across the Group. I’ve been so impressed with the culture of the business and how welcoming everyone has been, but I’m also blown away by how much our clients value what we do. The challenge is ensuring we dedicate the right amount of time to the clients to help them get more value by doing more with us, which in turn presents out biggest opportunity to grow.
What is next on the cards?
As I said in the previous question I’ve been so impressed with the culture of the business and how welcoming everyone has been. It’s also refreshing to hear all our leaders talk about growth and development and with a carefully constructed business case and framework I’ve been given the support to create an Account Management structure to achieve these objectives. We have a great team within Info Exchange, so we are beginning to create engagement plans for our clients and also looking to further strengthen the team. The exciting news is, our team is already expanding! If you think you have what it takes to join our team, check out this vacancy.