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Find out how Alcumus Sypol supports Argent Energy with their COSHH management

argent-energy.pngArgent Energy pioneered the large-scale commercial production of biodiesel in the UK and is now the UK’s foremost sustainable biodiesel producer and fuel supplier. Their health and safety strategy is strongly focused on the safety of their people and they take an environmentally friendly approach to creating biodiesel products. They have over 200 employees across multiple sites and are passionate about creating safe systems of work for their team and meeting their legal duties.

“Alcumus Sypol is the perfect tool for us in terms of managing our chemicals, processes and products in one online system. We have access to off the shelf assessments that can be used in any type of company or chemicals you work with. Their support mechanisms are first class.“

Hugh Graham, Company SHE Coordinator Argent Energy

Argent Energy’s COSHH management challenge

Argent Energy produce and handle a large amount of chemicals every day and they have over 300 standard operating procedures that their team use as part of their daily work.

This heavily process driven environment can be difficult to manage and takes a lot of time and effort to ensure that processes are compliant; they needed a solution that would help them to simplify the everyday running of their business from a COSHH perspective. They also require a high number of risk assessments which they needed help managing every day.

How Alcumus Sypol was able to help

Implementing Alcumus Sypol CMS across Argent Energy not only gave them an online solution that would manage their hazardous substances but also became key to managing and simplifying their COSHH procedures and processes.

It also helped improve their efficiency as they did not have the in-house resource to write the volume of COSHH assessments needed to compliantly run their business. Therefore, having 750,000+ professionally written assessments at their disposal via the Sypol CMS greatly improved the effectiveness of their health and safety team.

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