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UK retail giant implements ‘state-of-the art’ software to streamline maintenance processes

ABMWith over 600 employees and 166 stores across the UK, bathstore is the country’s largest bathroom specialist retailer.

With the showrooms being one of the most integral elements to the company as they are the point of call for the customers, the management and maintenance of the property portfolio is vital. 
“My team and I manage everything to do with the running of the stores from acquisition, maintenance and compliance, to insurance and reactionary maintenance. Our stores are a valuable part of our company; they’re how our customers view us and our products. It’s therefore essential that as well as being fully compliant and free of any safety hazards, they are also in the very best condition; even something as tiny as a faulty light can have a massive impact on a customer’s perception of the brand”
Sonia Cooney
Property Manager
Addressing the challenges of managing a large retail portfolio

With the upkeep and compliance of stores being essential to managing such a large property portfolio, the bathstore were in need of a software solution that could centralise all of their property information and enable them to effectively manage the workflow that comes from the day to day management in a streamlined and consistent manner.
Prior to implementing Info Exchange in 2012, their previous in-house system created a heavy workload for the property management team, with information recorded and stored by management, store managers and third party contractors on different systems and in different formats.  For Sonia and the maintenance team this meant accessibility and visibility to key information such as lease information, reactive and planned maintenance works for both upkeep and compliance, was time consuming, prone to errors and often resulted in prolonged resolution timescales. 
Commenting on their requirements, Sonia said: “With any job that entails managing a large portfolio, a place where important information can be stored, that’s accessible to all team members is vital to a smooth running operation. We didn’t have this in place before 2012, so it was important that a piece of software was implemented”.

The Solution

To create a centralised property portfolio database, the retailer called upon the UK’s leading compliance and risk management business, Alcumus, in 2012 to implement its renowned compliance software, Info Exchange.
The Info Exchange project management team worked with Sonia and the property management team to consolidate all of their property management data onto a single platform, simplifying their processes and enabling the retailer to store lease and property information, record and manage reactive maintenance issues within stores and proactively manage their compliance obligations such as electrical testing and fire alarms. 
More importantly, the workflow functionality that Info Exchange provides as part of their solution, enabled the property maintenance team to automatically receive email notifications when a maintenance issue had been raised by a store. “This functionality is really fantastic”, says Sonia: “The new system sends us a warning signal if an issue has been raised, again, reducing the risk of human error. Additionally the new form provides us with all the necessary details including contact numbers, the store’s details and the issue at hand. What’s more it records the details onto the dashboard, meaning we won’t need to resubmit all the information if another issue should occur in the future. In addition, the form has also increased store manager’s confidence in the support they receive from head office; they feel assured that any issues are being dealt with and will be resolved within a few days. This positively impacts morale. ”