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How Alcumus Sypol helps Britvic to safeguard its staff

As one of the world’s leading soft drinks producers, Britvic understands the importance of ensuring that all aspects of its operation perform to the highest possible standards.  The company is guardian of iconic beverage brands including Robinsons, Tango and Ballygowan, so it is essential that the business maintains its reputation both in terms of the quality of its product and the operational processes which are used to manufacture them.

Britvic has worked in partnership with Alcumus Sypol for more than a decade, utilising our technical expertise to ensure that their manufacturing process complies with COSHH legislation to protect the health of their staff.  Our team of occupational hygienists have developed an excellent relationship with Britvic’s health and safety team over the years, taking the time to understand their business and the challenges that they face on a daily basis.

The importance of regular workplace monitoring

Britvic are committed to regular monitoring of their production lines to ensure that their staff are working in a safe and controlled environment. Alcumus Sypol visit the company’s various UK operations several times a year to undertake specialist testing of air quality, noise levels and other COSHH requirements.

One example of the work we carry out on a regular basis is air quality monitoring. Recently, we spent time at Britvic’s factory in Rugby to monitor the air quality around their production lines, specifically testing for staff exposure to carbon dioxide.

One of our experienced occupational hygienists spent a full shift with production line workers, using sophisticated personal monitoring equipment to provide a comprehensive report to the site’s SHE Advisor, Tim Hayward. Our testing highlighted that Britvic’s staff were exposed to safe levels of carbon dioxide during a normal shift, but that simple improvements to local exhaust ventilation techniques could reduce exposure even further. The comprehensive report and practical recommendations provided Tim with a demonstrable audit trail and evidence of the site’s commitment to health and safety best practice.

‘A professional, friendly approach’

At Alcumus Sypol, we believe that it’s the strength of our people that underpins the quality of our service. In this instance, Tim praised the approach taken by Dominic Adam, a member of our COSHH consultant team.

“I felt real enthusiasm from Dominic while he helped me further understand my problem with carbon dioxide. He was really friendly towards our filler operators and I received positive feedback from them too, despite asking them to walk round all day with additional equipment to support the testing. Dominic’s report was prompt, answered all my points and provided the necessary gravitas when I presented a status update to our senior management team.

I’ve recently attended a COSHH training day at the Alcumus Sypol offices in Aylesbury, met some more of the staff, and they all have the same professional, friendly approach.”